How to black out your website

Blackout Week

From Monday, January 25th to Friday, January 29th, Aussie websites will turn their lights out — “black out” — to inform Australians about the threat of imposed Internet censorship.

The Easy Way

We’ve created a very easy way to participate in the Great Australian Internet Blackout. Ahead of blackout week, please put the following HTML snippet just above the closing </body> tag on your website’s front page:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

After you add this snippet, a description of the Great Australian Internet Blackout demonstration will appear above a “blacked out” (significantly darkened) version of your page. Your visitor need only close the blackout box to use your website as usual — and they will only see this message once!

(You may prefer to download the source and host the Javascript include on your own domain.)

Thanks very much to John Ferlito for pulling together the blackout script!

Do Your Own Thing

Every website is different, so you may wish to observe the blackout in your own unique way. (A quick guide for this will be added soon.)

Let Us Know!

If you’re observing blackout week, we’ll list you as a supporter right here on this website, and in promotional material about the demonstration.

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Participating Websites

Previously displayed here was a verified list of websites participating in the Great Australian Internet Blackout, numbering just over 1000. As of Friday January 29, it’s causing some problems with the rendering of this page, so it’ll be back soon. :-)